Monday, June 13, 2011


A return to sun, a quickly flowing day for a change. I keep on going, doing my best, praying for grace, trying to channel my inner Kafka, to make catharsis and artistry in the face of absurdity, banality of small evils. There are two kinds of evil people: the kind that go out and kill and maim for kicks, and the more common other, who seem like decent and sometimes God-fearing folk who aren't so much outwardly mean, but have mastered the art of destroying others in a socially acceptable way. In wartime, the former butcher in the killing fields, and the latter would faint at the sight of blood but have no qualms on informing on their neighbors for the good of maintaining the social order.

So what did you do this weekend? and it takes me a second to remember... my brain sometimes feels so shot

live music

pinball wizardry of Medieval Madness

I've never played pinball before, but Justin, fellow lover of God, literal fire-breather and drummer extraordinaire, initiated me and we ended up talking to a Chicago hipster who played the Twilight Zone machine next to ours. He told us that when he goes to bars, he doesn't know how to talk to girls and just plays pinball.

I pulled muscles in my quads before the game and felt prematurely decrepit, limping and holding an icepack, only able to bat and catch, thankful for pinch-runners and tiger balm. I missed Bela Fleck to pass out on the couch for two hours, waking up to walk down the street where the arts fest was going on and the Bright Young Things were out in full force. It bothers me to not be able to move, and the soreness ebbed away.

Sunday morning is always a miracle, how my voice holds up, and I don't screw up too badly, and somehow God moves our souls like so many feathers caught by wind. I ended up getting lunch with two couples and their kids, before going to be introverted at the Museum of Divine Statues, which will probably merit a stop on the Great Cleveland Tour that I give my out-of-towners when they come through.

Can't wait to go and make art and de-stress. It's been a long day and this is only the beginning.

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Randal Graves said...

Slayer! Slayer! Sorry, all the butchering and blode raynynge over Rome.

Better tell your pal he's probably going to get sued by Gene Simmons.