Wednesday, June 8, 2011

heat coming down

It was this kind of weather when I came downtown four years ago for a job interview, sweltering on a Prospect Avenue street corner waiting for the 35 in stockings and my sister's suit jacket hoping that this would be worth it. It was, because I'm still gainfully employed and finding that despite the occasional absurdity, that I like what I do, and I keep learning to do more. I feared that my brain would atrophy upon entering the world of work, that I'd be surrounded by vapid discourse waiting desperately to go home, but I'm so thankful I was wrong.

It isn't so bad, really, even the hot sun is so welcoming after such a blast of winter and weeks of rain. Drinking a mango smoothie under the arches in the shadow of a cathedral, feeling just for a moment far away from brutalist architecture and sun bearing down on concrete. There is still beauty to be found here, it's just that one has to look.


Randal Graves said...

You're only saying this 'cause there weren't any killer squirrels.

thatgirl said...

As the Peonage has defeated more nefarious villains, I'm sure that rodents with tails bigger than their bodies will no longer pose any threat to us.

However, it is a nutty nutty nutty nutty world.

Randal Graves said...

Welcome to the library where we crunch your lunch and send you nuts.

Anonymous said...

man i was just getting sunburned in my car, this new eaarth thing is a drag the sun used to be such a benevolent celestial body but now it has big sharp pointy teeth