Sunday, June 26, 2011

circadian arrhythmia

Thrown off from lack of sleep and then too much, trying to shake the ennui, thirsty and overthinking. I always get like this when the weather heats up, lethargic and lacking. It will pass like it always does.


Randal Graves said...

Every now and then, an old man/lady nap is a requirement, as a hit of Kyuss.

Word verification: inglork. Shrugs, just made me chuckle. Damn sleepiness.

Post title is a Storm of the Yeti song.

thatgirl said...

Inglork the Headless?

Old lady naps rock my world almost as much as Kyuss.

Written any Storm of the Yeti dirges yet?

Anonymous said...

drop the headless line and I think you just wrote a Captain&Tenille/JackJohnson mashup stylee song

Randal Graves said...

He's no match for Ivar the Boneless, or even Vinny Car Wash 'cause he packs heat.

Reorienting myself with the complexities of the E chord, so not yet.

Old lady naps rock my world almost as much as Kyuss.

This just made me LOL leet noob, which hopefully cancels out Love Will Keep Us Together griming it's way through my head. Your anon commenters are cruel.