Thursday, June 23, 2011

cathedral heat

Seeking change of scene and refuge from the rain. I remember being bored at mass, staring up at the stained glass windows, playing with the filigree cross on my grandma's rosary as she told me to sit still.

I can't remember not being enamored by the sun streaming through the colored glass, and it was one of the things I missed when we stopped being Catholic, as the protestants and evangelicals don't tend to be as into the aesthetic, and I guess from a pragmatic standpoint, to have a beautiful building at the expense of helping people would be a bad way to use one's resources, but I love the architecture in ways I can't explain. I know that the church is not the building, that it's the people of God, but to be able to come down here and sit and wander around... it does something for me.

The luminescent hues, the attention to detail, so many things that jumped out at me when I looked at my shots afterwards, shots that don't do this place justice.

I don't know if these are old or new, hodgepodged pieces surrounding very medieval looking figures. I like the ancient green that reminds me of beach glass. I still throw my glass bottles in the lake in hopes that the surf will pound it into pebbles for the next generation to find.

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Randal Graves said...

You mean you didn't sneak in something to read? I tried that once, bad aftermath, heh.

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