Thursday, June 16, 2011

best of the blotter: east side vs west side

Far to the western hinterland of Avon sans Stratford....

RACCOON, CHESTER ROAD: A resident of the Village of Avon called on June 11 to report that there was a raccoon on the roof, and the residents were afraid to leave for fear it might jump on them. Animal Control was dispatched to corral the raccoon.

SUSPICIOUS CONDITION, LONG ROAD: An employee from Willoway Nursery spoke with an officer to report a patch of marijuana that was discovered growing on the property on June 10.

ASSAULT, BENTLEY DRIVE: A resident who witnessed a truck run a stop sign in the neighborhood said he tracked down the driver and when he approached him and told him to slow down, the driver punched him in the face on June 8.

THEFT, JUST IMAGINE DRIVE: A workers reported on June 11 that the chains securing the site had been cut and that two commercial-grade batteries, valued at $150 each, and loose steel were stolen. Extra patrols were requested.

PROPERTY DAMAGE, NAGEL ROAD: A woman called police on June 6 to advise that the window had been shot out of her SUV while she was driving near the Rock Pile and that two suspects were seen entering the woods nearby.

More from the west side:

PETTY THEFT, BROOKPARK ROAD: Two Cleveland women, ages 31 and 23, were caught stealing suckers from Sam’s Club June 11.

They were approached in the parking lot by a loss prevention officer who questioned them about a bag of suckers they had not purchased. They went back to the check-out area and paid for the bag of suckers.

Reports said the women gave the officer “a hard time” about the incident, and a third woman got involved in the argument.

WELFARE CHECK, PEARL ROAD: At 11:55 a.m. June 5, police received a call regarding a possibly disoriented woman in a church parking lot. According to complainants, the woman took 25 minutes to park her vehicle and appeared to be wearing a nightgown as she wandered around the parking lot during a Mass. Police spoke with a friend of the woman’s, who stated that is simply how she dresses. She reported she was wandering around the parking lot because she hadn’t been to the church for a few years, and didn’t know where the entrance was. Police noted, “Other than appearing ornery, she appears to be OK.”

SUSPICIOUS SITUATION, FAIR ROAD: According to a police report dated 3:23 p.m. June 9, children were riding their bicycles in a church parking lot when a pickup truck pulling a boat approached. The 40- to 50-year-old man driving asked the children “where the bad part of the neighborhood was” and “where the black people live in Strongsville.” The man, who reportedly had a stuffed bird in the vehicle, drove away when another child approached. He was reportedly acting very peculiar, but did not attempt to entice the children into the vehicle.

From the east side:

ANIMAL COMPLAINT, WEST ORANGE HILL: The animal warden was dispatched June 7 after a resident reported that a turtle was burrowing in a front-yard flower bed.

COMPLAINTS (SOLICITORS), CAMBRIDGE COURT: Residents reported June 9 about 1 p.m. that two white males wearing aprons came to their door asking them if they “wanted salad.” They were tracked in a red car and advised that they needed to register with the village.


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Somewhere, On the Internet: An unknown man thought he should post a comment on thatgirl's blog that stated, "Yes Jesus loves you!" :) And He did.
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Just Imagine Drive? The town planner must have been hanging out on Long Road.

Come see the Church with the Vanishing Door, it's like a fun house, but Biblical!

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