Thursday, June 9, 2011

I wanna be your Thurston Moore

This is pretty awesome.

My dad always used to call them "Sonic Old" because they were closer to his age than mine.

I was never a fan of Kim Gordon's songs nearly as much as Thurston's but I had a cassette tape with mostly cuts from my roommate's copies "Goo," "Sister," and "Dirty," that I rocked out to when shelving books as an undergrad.

Honestly, I prefer the band's more radio friendly moments, which kills any pretensions of true fandom on the part of yours truly, but I have seen them live, having cut class to do so, feeling like one of those people who want to hear the hits. Enough with the arty noise where's Dirty Boots?


Randal Graves said...

Radio hits instead of deep album cuts? Praise of Kynge's Brewe was a dirty lie, you, you female plant for The Man!

The Black Panther vs. Comic Book David Bowie, tough call, but even after fakerization, gotta go with the former.

thatgirl said...

OH SNAP, you figured out my nefarious plan. Well played, clerk, considering that you must have pulled the strings to get your swanky Batcave AND close the bibliotheque two Saturdays ago.

Sonic Youth's one of the only bands I feel like that with, since sometimes Kim Gordon lets her inner Yoko Ono out too much and sometimes they just leave their guitars feeding back in a room somewhere.

But the guitars do rock quite a bit, so all is forgiven.

Anonymous said...

dirty boots is the only album of theirs i really liked and they were pretty self-indulgent live.
for someone who never forgets that the song rules:

Anonymous said...

Randal Graves said...

But, if thou must know, all my shenanigans were for the benefit of all, call me Mr. Populist, Ms. Corporate!

Dissonance and feedback, yay, but yeah, too much of either (especially if the voice veers towards Yokoland) isn't always a good thing.

thatgirl said...

dmf, It's funny, I picked up that Jennifer Egan book on my lunchbreak and really enjoyed it, as in way more than I expected to. It reminded me of what I loved about early Douglas Coupland and gave me some ideas for story structure.

Anonymous said...

she's a sharp lady, check out the unedited interview with her near the bottom of that page it's a good one