Friday, June 10, 2011


The parking lot behind me and the abandoned house on the side of me are overgrown with honeysuckle and spearmint that comes up through the ground and squeezes through the slats in the fence. The resulting fragrance of so much scent in a small place is incredible. I picked my first sugar snap peas off the vine last night.

I met up with one of my near and dears in Chinatown after work and we walked around Chinatown catching up on the crazy last couple weeks. We couldn't bear to be in air conditioning after a day of work and the sun was finally benevolent. I want to walk around down there again with a camera and shoot photos of gardens full of bok choy, peonies, and green beans tendrilling around fence wires, industrial buildings, and churches that have seen better days like I did last year when me and the partner in crime were trying to keep it legal.

I've been trying to walk more, realizing that last year I drove when I could have walked or ridden my bike and when I got home I walked up to church to pick music and over to a friend's house around the corner because I'm letting out their puppy while she's gone. They brought the puppy back from Africa with them and it's part basenji and something else (maybe jackal?) and looks like portayals of Anubis in Egyptian tombs. On looking up wild dogs, we came across the New Guinea Singing Dog, which sounds freaky as anything and the cats gave us strange conspiratory looks from the windowsill.

And so tonight I'll be picking up my little sis, who's now carless and boyfriendless, and attempt to be a better older sibling than I've been in the past. I've never really been in her position either way (having not had or lost either at her age) but hopefully I can be there for her somehow...


Randal Graves said...

I hope you're not suggesting that those perfumes are more alluring than those of the Towering Slab (musty old books excepted, of course).

Anonymous said...

RG, clearly you are not familiar with the entrancing potencies of wild dog musk