Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this ain't no picnic

I've been through this rollercoaster of emotions before, in regards to certain pressing issues at hand, and know that I'll endlessly repeat these for quite some time until the next round of cuts comes around.

I'm a people person by nature, but tend to avoid those who make me nervous, especially when they have a lot more power and when this could really affect one's future. I gingerly bring up the suggestion that in the future of skeleton crews and general austerities, that there are a lot of other things that I've done before, could do again, and yes I know that there's such a thing called training do I look that dumb, because you seem to think so.

And I know it's stupid that it makes me mad. It's one thing to be ignored. I'm fine with that. It's a whole other thing to not be taken seriously, to feel like the word of one person or the unfairness of one incident when the person lowest ends up getting the blame totally invalidates the fact that I show up on time, heck, early, every day, learn from my mistakes quickly, and do whatever is asked of me, and go above and beyond on a regular basis. I get along with everyone, even the people I don't care for so much.

It's been like this awhile now, but when there's balance sheets involved, the sword of Damocles, the Axe of Austerity, it just adds to that sense of helplessness and frustration. At least there's always nerdy disenfranchised 80's punk to get me through the rough spots.


Randal Graves said...

I still think that one unnamed dude needs to be kicked in the nuts and/or berserkered.

Perhaps reverse psychology is in order: start showing up consistently late, alternating between increasingly implausible excuses & retreads; do your work with the speed of a Novocained sloth in the arctic; & last but not least, gab on the phone when most visible to the largest audience.

Anonymous said...

sorry that you are caught up in the banality of evil, it can be crazy making how decisions are made and by whom. Nothing stupid in raging against the machine as long it you leave it on the screen, no point in burning bridges.

Chef Cthulhu said...

I'm with Randal. Kinetic energy applied to the junkal region can brighten an onlooker's day greatly.

thatgirl said...

Said dude does deserve a special delivery of pain delivered by exceptional kids in helmets.

Maybe I should buy a huge leopard coat and join the Angry Lady Mafia before the CWA takes my unborn babies away.

I do my best to never burn bridges no matter how stupid things get. There have been so many times I'm glad I didn't say everything I was thinking because either it petered out peacefully or reconciliation came much much later.

@Cthulu, while I should probably leave the devouring aspect to you, I've definitely utilized the power of the well thrown punch and the appropriate dropkick.

Of course, since I no longer go into mosh pits or deal with fending off teenage pervs in the cafeteria, this could get me fired for sure in Grown Up Land.

Randal Graves said...

What do we do now Coach Thatgirl?
Tear his heart out!

Oh, don't forget, whilst sporting leopard print, to strut with an ostentatious impunity that reflects those well-deserved accolades.