Tuesday, February 22, 2011

playlist 2/22/11

cinematic orchestra - lilac wine
Corin Tucker - handed love
Djeli Moussa - almany
Bassekou Kouyate - turin turin
(Ethiopiques vol 10) - teredtchewalehu
ahmad adaweay - el sah el sah emtou
keur moussa - nicono creed
dwelling - fujo de mi
pharaoh's daughter - by way of haran
niyaz - hejran
matelo ferret - pouro Rom
rokia traore - souba
BLK JKS - lakeside
Cafe Tacuba - Encantamiento Inutil
Jeff Buckley - mojo pin
petch phin tong - soul lam phearn
dead meadow - at her open door
the black angels - black grease
coloracao desbotada - extenso ambiente
firefriend - free form future
the soft boys - I wanna destroy you
the Dirtbombs - Ode to a Black Man (request)
Tinariwen - ere tasfa adounia
the strangers - onye ije
apastar - gilgamis
adja pelkan - kaderimin ouyan
nahid akhtar - dil dil dil sambhala
dengue fever - 1000 tears of a tarantula


Anonymous said...

in other news today:

thatgirl said...

Funny you mention this because as of yesterday, I have a silver one. Maybe my teenage neglect will save my life.