Sunday, February 20, 2011

new adventures in sound...

I spent the afternoon at the radio station hanging out with fellow people who know way too much about music as we did our music refiling, which to some may sound like drudgery but I'm an academic peon so I'm reasonably comfortable with mundane tasks provided that the company is good and I might run across something interesting.

The music director had me organize the new stuff, where I found lots of things I'm going to have to check out, and then me and one of the other world DJs went to work on our world vinyl, which includes mostly roots reggae, overproduced "world beat" from the 80's but also ancient Babylonian chants, field recordings of pygmy music, and loads of polka music from Nebraska (who knew?).

Many of the countries that these records came from now either don't exist or have different names, so we were debating whether or not we should still label Kashmir, Sikkim, Yugoslavia, and Tibet as their own countries for the sake of continuity or not, and now I know that we do indeed have Somali folk, classical Persian works, and Dutch trucker country music. Seriously. Thanks to my Viking ancestors, some of the titles are relatively easy to figure out. And it sounds about what you'd think it'd sound like.

And yes, I am totally giggling in my apartment at this.


Randal Graves said...

You just made Baby Fenriz cry. Though he probably spins that between Venom tracks.

I'll admit, the trainwrecks-are-cool part of psyche is mildly curious as to what Viking trucker music sounds like.

Anonymous said...

isn't death-metal meant as a joke? always makes me chuckle.
as for nebraskan polka lots of czechs and eastern germans there drinking beers and eating runzas

Randal Graves said...