Wednesday, February 16, 2011

in which I get ridiculous over music again.

... But there's a new Throwing Muses record coming out, which makes this Millenial-Wishing-I-was-Xer very very happy.

Dear Kristin Hersh,
Please please please come to Cleveland! I love your acoustic stuff too and your book you just wrote, and that solo show you did with the cellist was awesome, but I want to see you rock out. Besides I play your music on my show all the time and this will give me a good excuse to play more. I hope I'm as awesome as you when I get old.


That (Fan) Girl

To explain this embarrassingly gushiness on my part, listen below...

one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Michael Stipe can be forgiven for Shiny Happy People because of this song alone. The cello, the way their voices go together... it still moves me every time i hear it.

I got into Throwing Muses because Thom Yorke said they were a big influence on him and this CD was at the library I shelved books at as a teen.

And then the most recent project between solo records which always reminds me of if Kurt Cobain had ovaries and decided to make an even more corrosive record than In Utero, have a bunch of kids instead of get addicted to heroin and kill himself. How much do I love absurd amounts of heavy distortion, power chords, and general fury? So, so much.


Cookbook said...

She comes through Cleveland pretty frequently. I've seen her solo a few times. In fact, she lived in the Heights very briefly a few years ago.

I also hope they make it here soon!

Randal Graves said...

Yeah, I *guess* that makes up for Shiny Happy Horror.

I've heard Throwing Muses before but never listened to 50 Ft. Wave. This ain't too shabby. One could darkthrone in the woods to this.

thatgirl said...

I saw her the last time she came through but missed her open for Bob Mould and when she did 50 Foot Wave. It sucked not having a license.

It's great car music as well, though singing along to it does tend to draw the side-eye if the windows are down.

Randal Graves said...

Once upon a time, I heard me sing & decided to save humanity by immediately ceasing. I'll leave the holy warbling to you.

Is this new Muses gig a reunion of the classic lineup?

thatgirl said...

I think it's the 1995-onward lineup (which is my favorite era anyway).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the 50ft wave intro,gave me some glimmer of hope for the kids of today. any love for Big Black or Afghan Whigs? when do we get to preview yer demo?

Marjorie said...

have you read Rat Girl? it's her memoir.. i myself haven't read it, but i saw it at Lakewood library recently and have heard good things about it..

thatgirl said...

I like what I've heard of Big Black but in small doses, love much of what Dulli's done (though some of the cuts off 'Gentlemen' are painful to listen to lyrically), especially his covers.

Loved Rat Girl, highly recommended. I can't describe how good it is, it just needs to be read.