Friday, February 11, 2011

got me wrong

I was accused last night of hating men.

Aforementioned acquaintance, who seems to get her ideas of what ideal manliness is and what a woman's supposed to do/be from supermarket magazines, trashy romance novels, and unrealistic movies, is not a reliable source on my relations with the male species, and I found this comment amusing especially given the context that it was taken out of. So it's not just a grain of salt I'm taking this with, it's the Dead Sea.

In all honesty, I enjoy the male species far too much to buy into this whole anti-dude thing, especially considering that most girls aren't interested in the things I'm interested in. Just because I'm interested in the same things as some of the male species, doesn't usually mean that we're interested in each other. It's just nice to enjoy what you enjoy with others once in awhile without worrying about things getting messy.

Besides, it seems like even the smartest of them end up dating really boring chicks who listen to country music, buy expensive purses, and watch terrible reality shows but put more time into their personal appearance than I do which makes me question their judgment slightly. Or they end up with impossibly thin fashionista hipster types that I know better than to compete with. Maybe it's an ego thing, to feel superior or it's something reserved for nights out with the bros. Whatever.

In all honesty, females of any age have generally caused me more trouble and drama than most men, be they classmates, catty coworkers, nasty bosses, or crazy mothers. Too much testosterone or too much estrogen is usually a bad thing. We need each other to balance each other out.

In other news, I've got about ten minutes before I'm gone, to go let the downstairs neighbor's dog out, have dinner with the family and the might-as-well-be-family-in-the-best-way in-laws, start working on some cut and paste-y awesome layout art for the first time in forever, and maybe work in some Darkthroning in the woods or at the Cemetery of Awesomeness.

And because there can never be too much Alice, I'm going to do a way-cooler-than-Michael-Stanley doubleshot to start off your weekend. Muchas gracias to Randal for hooking me up with what has become my winter car music and making me realize that I wrote off said debut album as sounding "Too 80's" in my misguided youth.

Sorry about my ditziness in the way of closing up.


Bridget Callahan said...

Half baked sociology is the best tag.

Chef Cthulhu said...

I've found in my life time that, if a woman thinks a man is an idiot, he probably is.

Unless she's talking about me. Then she's completely freakin' wrong.

And watch the Michael Stanley bashing. I like a whole ONE song of his.

Randal Graves said...

So this isn't your theme song? Riiiight.

I goshdarn told ya that's a swanky record. Now, onto things of vital import. Per the proper use of sociological terms, it appears, simply by both casual and in-depth perusal of the internets, that "bro" is saved for brand-new initiates and us outsider scholars, whereas "brah" is a familiar term of endearment. Further research might be necessary.

More cowbell!