Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and I say to myself...

I miss reading the headlines of the Weekly World News while buying my groceries, but since truth is generally stranger than fiction and we live in strange times, at least the world has stayed interesting in its messed-up-ness.

Despite not believing in said religion, the Powers That Be in China have now banned the Tibetans from reincarnating, while in Burma, Than Shwe & Co. are letting out their inner J. Edgar Hoover on state television. Meanwhile in Belgium, (won't be winning any Gratuitous Use in a Serious Screenplay awards anytime soon I'm afraid), people are weirded out by not having a real government and are protesting in a manner that's half Lysistrata, half Full Monty.

Vogue is profiling the fashion and jet-setting lifestyle of another First Lady with a shady tyrannical husband (but she looks so good in her understated Chanel jewelry!) the Kids are crashing their parents' cars in Dubai, and while the logo below looks more like a deconstructed swastika to me, Iran thinks it looks like some kind of subliminal Zionist plot.

Gaddafi's nurse is heading home, while Muammar's homies in the western hemisphere seem oblivious to revolution when it happens against their friends. Cuba gets austerity, while the sultanates are magically creating 50,000 public employee jobs to keep the masses from revolting. No unions there, I'm assuming.

In these United States, Louis Farrakhan is still bffs with our man Muammar and thinks Scientology is a totally groovy thing for us crackers. Damn, those motherships are not friendly funky places staffed by (George)Clintonistas, and probably look more like this:

Sick, sad world indeed, my friends.


Randal Graves said...

So Ghadaf(f)i/Khadafi/Qadafi *is* from Zeta Reticuli, I knew it!

Planet Earth rules.

Word verification: an entirely appropriate 'dings.'

Anonymous said...

i see that you have recovered yer wits, they used to say that bile was a matter of humor.