Monday, March 7, 2011

mummies and madness

So we've been massively entertained by the absurdity of English Pravda, with its lurid reports of Yeti femme fatales seducing "Caucasian Men," the space aliens ritually sacrificing our cattle in the great Intergalactic Slaughterhouse In the Sky, and this item which would be worthy of many world leaders right now who are in the hot seat but doubtless still want immortality.

Our favorite commie tabloid with tells us that mummification is the new cryogenics, so I hope Hosni Moobie, Pooty Poot, Silvio, and Mr. Muammar, are paying attention.


Anonymous said...

mummification by way of consumption of/by massive amounts of bathtub vodka?
have you read mountains beyond mountains, it's not camus' plague but as non-fiction goes

Randal Graves said...

This is the greatest photoshop ever & if anyone disagrees, they should be made to clean up after each & every bunga bunga party.