Tuesday, March 29, 2011

playlist 3/29/11

trip-hop and various musique from the UK, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Burma, Angola, Mali, Turkey, the US of A, Pakistan, and Ethiopia.

blue sky black death - chloroform
bonobo - eyesdown
juana molina - hoy supe que viajas
janelle monae - sincerely jane
portishead - strangers
hope sandoval - the rest of your life
amesoeurs - video girl
cafe tacuba - tengo todo
autolux - capital kind of strain
mira - pieces
mogwai - too raging to cheer
cut chemist - the garden
trees - murdoch
rokia traore - n'gotolen
artur nunes - kisia ki nugui
wallias band - muzqawi silt
selda - megdan sizindir
khun khang - nga ley
terenchen - jeritau cinta
the keyboys - unknown
nahid akhtar - aise maisan me chu kayun ho
jo privat - minor swing
the pentangle - train song
amadou & mariam - coulibaly
dengue fever - tip my canoe
corin tucker - doubt


Randal Graves said...

There better be some goddamn Us of A or you'll make Sgt. Slaughter cry.

Bonus points for Amesoeurs and Trees, and I've got that new Mira postmortem collection ready for your listening pleasure.

thatgirl said...

you, fellow peon and arbiter of excellent taste without an overload of pretension, get super bonus points and gold stars for hooking me up with tuneage I probably wouldn't have stumbled across on my own.

Many thanks!