Tuesday, March 22, 2011

one more thing to put in line / one more thing to waste my time

So the economy of my state depends on the prison industry and people drinking themselves into oblivion or some combination thereof, we can't fund NPR but we can drop bombs in Libya, even though life is hard in the rust belt, it's way worse other places, and the family is suggesting strongly that I invest in a security system because I live in the almost-hood but what's the point if the cops don't come when you call anyway. Besides, given my clumsiness, I'm the kind of person that would trip the alarm on my own as it is.

I don't mean to sound so surly, but listening to powerpoint presentations of bureautechnocracy in all of its mind-numbing banality will do that. To think about all of these people who think they should know all your business, under the pretense that it's for your own good is spooky as anything, whether it's those who see us peons as expendable human resources or the general nanny-statism that has become the norm over the last decade.

I know that I participate in my own forms of escapism as much as those I deride for obsessing over the Kardashians or the last episode of whatever people are watching on TV, hence the nights spent honing artistic skills and writing my Chinese Democracy of an unfinished novel.

Ah well, I'll be going home to crash from the comedown of all the coffee I've drank, finish up that damn midterm, and try to retrieve my brain from the absurdity of modern life. And while this band really isn't all that good, this song is pretty awesome for those days when I just need some abstract angst and Butch Vig-produced power-chordness that sounds an awful lot like that guitar sound on 'Nevermind.'


Anonymous said...

there's always the pit bull adoption option, tho the occasional vet bills can be prohibitive

thatgirl said...

The couple I used to rent from had an amazing pit bull that I loved. I've considered it, but I don't feel like I'm home enough to be a good dog owner.

Anonymous said...

mine passed away years ago and i haven't had a stable enough housing situation to get another but you know they are the ghetto home security system of choice and very warm company when the heat dies on you. something for both of us to aspire to, god knows there are too many of them needing safe homes.

Randal Graves said...

I bet you get sued by Axl Rose.

Machete, machete, machete. Or learn ninjitsu. Perhaps we can convince HR that it'll advance our paradigm to shift whilst growing the brand for our clients.

thatgirl said...

The machete is a one-time investment, but a pitbull means I could take walks all the time and have a companion for Darkthroning in the Woods.

Does studying martial arts help us and our children Win the Future?

Randal Graves said...

Are you suggesting that a machete isn't a worthy companion for darkthroning when everyone knows the danger that wandering, leaderless berserkers offer the viking explorer?

I would guess that once the economy collapses and improved math and science skills prove fruitless in the face of our Chinese overlords, we'll have to resort to badly-dubbed fisticuffs.

thatgirl said...

hmmm... machete plus pitbull sounds more like the reggaeton version of Darkthroning in the Woods. Would Fenriz approve?

Tranny Fisticuffs and Rupaul's Fishsticks will Win The Future.