Friday, March 18, 2011

don't wait for the bang...

With the crazy that I saw yesterday, of angry drunks in large groups in a dying city, the machinations of many kinder gentler machine gun hands, our predator drones flying around south of the border, Denny K tried to get us out of Afghanistan and actually gives a damn about Bradley Manning and though we don't agree on other things I've got to give him mad props for being my congressman and not totally sucking, potential nuclear meltdown in Japan, nastiness as usual on the part of the usual trigger happy suspects, the Damoclean Sword of Austerity has spared me and my fellow peons for now but not most of the other things that make life in Ohio bearable, and now we're going into Libya as if we haven't learned our lesson from every single other stupid military excursion we've gone on.

Meanwhile, I look at the streets where the brick from who knows when is exposed from the potholes, watching innumerable deals going down on my way home, trying to avoid the drunks, knowing as the temperatures get warmer, the tempers get hotter and it's not that I live in fear, because I've hung out in every part of this city, but I'm always watching and I don't like what I see going on around the corner and around the world.

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Randal Graves said...

You think it's bad now, imagine if we *don't* save Libya, then Libyans disenfranchised through no Qa/Kha/Gha-daf(f)i arming of our own will emigrate here to sell crack in every preschool in Cleveland.

Is that a sun or a blade?