Friday, March 18, 2011

best of the blotter 38: being strange is not a crime

911 (MISCELLANEOUS), MITCHELL LANE: A woman whose March 3 emergency phone call concerning “a man walking around her house” was followed by muffled conversation and then a disconnection was called back and explained that she realized “it was the landscaper who cuts her grass.”

UFO, EASTERN BORDER OF AVON: Someone reported seeing three lights in “perfect diagonal shape” above the eastern border of the city on March 11. Upon further investigation, police said it appeared to be air traffic from the airport.

DISTURBANCE, GOLDEN GATE PLAZA: A woman called police March 13 after another woman threw a cup full of juice at her car and shouted obscenities at her while in the parking lot. She said the woman was mad at her because she had to wait in line behind her at Old Navy, while she had an involved return, which took time. Responding officers stopped the suspect on Interstate 271 and advised her of the consequences of her actions.

And in Strongsville...

Police were called to a Whitney Road apartment the morning of March 3 after an employee heard a woman screaming at her young child, asking "Do you want me to kill you?" and "I can't take this any more -- you're going to live with your father."

A report said the child, 2, was crying. Police spoke with the woman, who said she was yelling those things to her cat.

Employees at a Pearl Road bar called police about 11:10 p.m. March 7 about a man who was acting strange. Police spoke with the man, but said being strange is not a crime -- the man did not pose a threat to himself or others.

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Randal Graves said...

Yeah, "air traffic." Who do you think dropped off the strange stranger?