Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Currently on a search for a hard copy of 'Turkish Superman,' given a good lead by a comm prof who teaches film classes, and hoping that the b-movie underworld grants me this. I own maybe three DVDs, not counting the copy of U2's 'Rattle and Hum' that my friend's cat peed on.

This whole movie is on Youtube, with the greatest subtitles ever that include threats of both bisecting and incubation.

If such efforts fail, at least I was able to rip a copy of the Selda reissue that I found up http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/at the station. If the rest of it is anything like this slice of sonic amazingness, I will be somewhat consoled.

Otherwise, it's the unofficial Certain Ethnic Holiday involving paczki donuts of amazingness that go very well with strong black coffee, since in these climes it's too cold to really do Carnaval. My friend's Ethiopian roomie is making dinner for us tonight and then I'll probably come home and watch 'Black Orpheus,' and attempt pad thai goodness and possible creative writing.


Anonymous said...

that cat is a genius music/film critic, with my cheapo connection i couldn't see if that was the original black orpheus but if so it was the first foreign film that my dad saw and it blew his mind in a way that some people only know through hallucinogens or maybe rocky horror.

Anonymous said...

what a clusterf*ck

Randal Graves said...

Sob, I'm too verklempt with joy to properly comment.

Pulp said...

Somewhere in my vast collection of bizarre video files, I believe I have an avi of Turkish Superman. If not, I'm pretty sure I know where to get a copy. Do you need it in DVD format? Wouldn't be a problem to convert it, either. I'll check and post back.

thatgirl said...

DVD format would be fabulous... let me know.

Pulp said...

Got it! Converting to DVD as I type this...I'll also get you a copy of You Weren't There, about the early 80s Chicago punk scene, that I mentioned a few months ago. Drop me a line, let me know where to send them.

Matt from cbus

thatgirl said...

do you have an email address? I can't find any contact info for you.

that punk documentary sounds awesome too.