Friday, March 11, 2011

blood and coffee.

Having received a snow day call from the place of employment and the heat having been fixed, it was lovely to have a day at home to get things done and also do some superb slacking of the drink tea on the couch wrapped in blankets, listening to shoegaze, and reading.

I picked up 'The Tale of Genji' awhile back but didn't get through the first section, but this translation I got from the library last night is way better and I'm enjoying it so far, with its depth of detail, the inner life of the characters, and a culture and time period that I know little about make for good reading. It's over a thousand pages long so there's a lot to transpire.

Also started carving some wood blocks too, but I sliced my finger with the v-gouge and realized that I had no bandages in the house and that paper towels really don't do a good job. So after helping my downstairs neighbor shovel us out, I went up to the drugstore to get some.

I didn't realize I was still bleeding until I was standing line and all these tough guys behind me were like "Dang somebody got fucked up in here look at all that blood man" and then I look down and there's a trail of it around the store and big drops of it all around me. It's still pouring out and everyone is looking at me weird. "That's from YOU? You been playing with knives again or what?"

The lady there gave me another paper towel, and a customer card that I'm supposed to bring back but I am now That Girl with the Bleeding Finger All Over Rite Aid and I'll probably go to the Walgreens on Clark now instead. I bandaged it up in the car since one of the side benefits of being a former art student is that I'm damn good at DIY first aid after unfortunate incidents with etching acid and utility knives.

I've migrated to my favorite coffeeshop to do some writing before meeting up at the art center for creating and then dinner. The music is the Amelie soundtrack, the coffee is good (can I go a day without coffee? Yes, but not well), and I've done some revising and an extra page of writing so I'm not feeling too badly, and I'm snarking with the good Lady Pebbles Montoya (an old friend of the family from way back when and also a should-be-more-famous personage on the Internet) about what the Jane Austen Fight Club would involve.

I never thought I'd get snow days as a grown up but these are beautiful things.


Anonymous said...

where's a bandage covered mummy when you need one?

thatgirl said...

I know, right?
Too bad they have such vanishing powers.

Anonymous said...

Randal Graves said...

Bleeding whilst scoffing at immediate bandaging?* You're more metal than I thought. I tip my viking helmet to you, though I do hope you're less red today.

Excellent musical choice.

*don't you know that stealing supplies from work also includes adhesive strips?

thatgirl said...

I can't watch gory horror flicks, but the sight of blood in real life doesn't totally freak me out. I'm not sure why.

I'm sure that I've unintentionally purloined many a pen in my line of work, but sadly not much in the way of first aid.