Thursday, June 26, 2008


spent last night at a mission on the lower west side being a 'responsible adult' for a huge crew of high school kids from several different churches who've been spending the week doing all sorts of good neighborhood kind of things like painting and cleaning up trash. it was an interesting mix of kids, from that wilderness out west called minnesota, the idyllic community of bay village, and the cleveland kids from my church and the one on scranton road.

helped serve dinner, play music, play risk, hang out. paul and i were making up absurd life stories about each other for the more gullible ones.

played some 3-on-3 half-court basketball too, which felt really good. even though i took my glasses off (the guys were mostly taller than me and more aggressive), i was still making shots and rebounds and feeling somewhat competent. i guess all those driveway games with my 6-foot-something cousins paid off.

crashed out last night in the bottom of a bunk bed listening to the girls above me giggle. woke up feeling rejuvenated by the good conversation and the running around and i'm back to the regular world...

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