Thursday, June 5, 2008

marc's spelled backwards is scram

the marc's in lakewood is a pain to navigate, being more chaotic than even regular marc's, but they do have huge packs of kiddie fireworks for about ten dollars, and because there's a part of me that hasn't grown up, this stuff is entertaining.

the kids downstairs found this all very exciting as well and before i drove up to the radio station we were hanging out on the front porch, with byron talking about the fights he got into at school and lorielle getting all poetic about her love of fried chicken.

i brought some of the fireworks down and we were lighting the snakes and smoke bombs up on the sidewalk. they were writing their names with the sparklers as i sat on the porch and resisted begs and pleas for more stuff, saying we've got the whole rest of the summer and besides, it's a school night for all of you.

i used to not like the summer but those couple years of living in kent and coming home after work and class and sleeping a couple hours before making small adventures have made me appreciate those extra hours of sun and then the warm humid nights. i've always hated air conditioning outside of the workplace and i honestly believe it made me stronger. last summer was when things began to change for the better and things finally began to happen. it's been a good trip ever since.

i start sleeping less and living more.

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