Thursday, June 5, 2008

big in japan

so while last week i felt pretty darn good playing the music, this time wasn't so smooth. trying to go between vinyl and cd, playing the wrong tracks, not having a stack of music in front of me to pull from, actually getting phone calls for requests, putting on an 8-minute track to buy myself some time, cds i brought with me not playing, needing to play a cassette and the only one i could find that wasn't noise was a tape from 1985 of cheyenne peyote ritual chants.

there were four listeners on the webcast, and i got a lot of phone calls. someone wanting to know who did 'where did you sleep last night' someone who wanted a track by the replacements but couldn't remember which one and then decided he wanted 'true love waits' by radiohead (which we didn't have) or "that one psychedelic furs song, you know? that one that goes.... i saw them do it live and it was so great man..." him and the guy who called on the metal show requesting dread zeppelin didn't get their requests, but i think i made at least one person's night.

when i put the morphine on, this one guy called up and was so excited and begged me to play some more tracks off the album, so i did. it was a good sound to hear on a warm june night.

but my apprenticeship is done. i just have to take a test and hopefully pass it and then i'll be screwing up on my own time all the time.

anyways, i don't have my setlist in front of me, but here's more or less what i played, probably not in the right order:

ataxia - the sides
the dirtbombs - i'll wait
x - poor girl
dream syndicate - when you smile (live)
patti smith - ask the angels
leadbelly - where did you sleep last night
the buzzcocks - what do i get
agent orange - somebody to love
ride - chelsea girl
diplo - florida
morphine - buena, i'm free now, candy, cure for pain

morphine is summmer music. who ever knew that saxophones could ever sound so heavy.

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