Monday, June 9, 2008

and the living is easy...

i'm kind of loving this summer weather more than i ever thought i would.

me and the roommates sometimes end up sleeping on the balcony where it's cool and breezy. stephen and i took a walk through birdtown on saturday night and even though i could have gone to the wcsb benefit show i was sleepy and antisocial and opted instead to listen to pj harvey and catch up on some paintings i've been working on.

one of my kids got hit by a car on saturday when he was running across the street. his cousins told me about it and they were freaking out so i called metro to try and find him so we could visit him but he had already been discharged yesterday. instead of doing a lesson with the kids i had them make him cards instead. he showed up later on and he's got a huge bump on his head. i was so thankful that he's okay.

met up with a family i'm friends with from church for dinner at lakewood park. i'm friends with the whole family, the parents and their kids who are all about the age of my younger sisters and are just getting their lives going. we were sitting on the gliders looking over the lake, watching kids skateboard as the clouds gathered overhead and the wind started blowing off the lake, chilling out on the park benches waiting to be drenched by the coming rain as everyone else ran for cover.

when the rain subsided, me and the guys took turns racing on their bikes around the trail. josh was making siren noises behind me and even though i'm not nearly as in shape as this trio of pretty athletic kids in their teens, i was able to hold my own better than i thought. hopefully there will be other afternoons like these.

i love being within a mile of lake erie.

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Randal Graves said...

Little dude is lucky that's all it was!

Still think you're nuts about the weather, though. I'm sure they have a pill for that.