Wednesday, June 18, 2008

music rambling

not sure how this whole band thing is working out... i see certain patterns that remind me of those ill-fated ventures in high school where you got a few people in the room of varying ability and tried to make it work. sometimes it would and it was magic. sometimes you'd end up with everything being really awkward. your guitarist wants to be in symphony x and your drummer wants to do cheap trick. your leader doesn't take suggestions well because they're visionary. it just isn't going to happen.

last night we had a bunch of people in the room who come from all sorts of backgrounds. some of us are classically trained, some of us did the coffeehouse thing, others played in funk and jazz combos where the tightness of your rhythm is essential. and i'm somewhere in the middle, with a history of thrashing around in bands that played green day covers or wanting to do the U2 thing. in that middle between wanting something compositionally solid and just rocking out for the heck of it.

i stuck with that one longer than i should have because what else were you doing on the weekends, and it was fun. in this case, most of us are working full time and it's a way to chill out after work, make some noise, relax. now that people are taking it seriously, i'm not as chilled out. i'm not quite as high strung but i get uncomfortable when others get that way. i just like keeping it loose and letting it go as it will.

maybe i'm unrealistic.

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