Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i'm liking the way this whole music thing is going. when we played back what we had recorded it actually sounded like something i would actually listen to. the arrangements to her songs are coming together, and i actually came up with a real song for the first time in my entire life when i switched to bass and was just messing around with paul. minor chords, jazz inflections, stuff i didn't even know i had. her voice is bluesy and i'm going to try and find some old stuff that would sound good as covers.

right now i'm alternating between guitar and bass depending on who shows up. i'm more accustomed to the bass, having played it regularly over the past few years, but getting to be more inventive on guitar again is exciting too. liking the whole idea of experimenting with riffs and texture and possibly picking up a tremolo pedal.

in other aurally related news, i'll be on wcsb tonight from 11 til 1 playing music for those of you crazy enough to tune in.


Randal Graves said...

I'll need to get a lighter for when you guys start playing out.

Valerie said...

i love randal.

and need to come to your work and meet him in real life.

also, i'm planning a late-night bike ride, so i'll probably be out listening to you at the same time.

oh...also also. i want to hear your band. i'm excited about it!