Wednesday, May 28, 2008

why i could never run for office.

dear john mccain,
while your whole getting rid of nukes eventually plan sounds nice, i really don't see how working with russia and china to reduce nuclear weapons is any different than the much mocked negotiating with iran. i could be wrong here, but it doesn't seem like they're very trustworthy friends.

if we're going to talk about oppression and human rights violations, i'm pretty sure that there's not too much of a difference, except that one of these countries is religiously motivated and the others aren't. are you going to talk to north korea about this too?

just sayin'

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Randal Graves said...

Well, to play devil's advocate, China does kind of own us, so we have to kiss their ass. As for Russia, we looked into Pooty-Poot's soul. Everything is cool.

And Iran, unlike those two other bastions of righteousness and fuzzy little bunnies is EVIL! (and getting their technology from the Russians, but you'll never hear John Sidney say that)