Wednesday, May 21, 2008

spontaneity is the spice of life

you can never tell what's going to happen when you put six people with what are probably wildly divergent styles in a room together with a load of musical instruments, but last night we tried it. we were all on and it sounded incredible. we played for over three hours together, with no breaks and probably would have kept going if we all didn't have jobs to go back to the next day or weren't sore from standing up. as we packed up our instruments at the end of the night we were all asking why we didn't do this earlier.

this all came together within two days 'what are you doing tuesday night? call up so and so and so and so...' half of us have never played together before, the other half of us are somewhat tight because we play together almost every week. but since this isn't sunday morning, everything's turned up a little higher, we're playing a lot louder. showing each other the songs as we go along, stuff michelle's written, stuff we jam out to in the car, stuff we play on sunday morning but everything evolving into a full on jam where the violin soars over everything, the guitars are scorching, the drums and bass hold everything down.

everyone's trading off instruments but i stick with my bass, laying down grooves for everyone else to solo over, building it up, chilling it out, leaning back and closing my eyes and listening to the interplay.

we have occasional and sublime lapses into this when we practice together, but usually we don't have the time or there's other things going on. this night was just pure and unadulterated creating without egos or drama, and i just get such an adrenaline rush.

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