Thursday, May 22, 2008

an open letter...

dear guy on bicycle at 6:00 in the evening,

i'm sorry that i didn't see you coming until you were right on top of me. i was trying to be sure that i wasn't going to get plowed into by people coming the other way and you came out of nowhere as i was backing out of the driveway.

you were crossing the driveway next door when i was backing out so i'm sorry that i might have killed any of your momentum. but was that any reason to start yelling at me, and when i say i'm sorry, to throw the race card in my face and say that i'm not sorry and shouldn't pretend to be and that i don't care about people like you? because evidently, i run over people riding bicycles for fun because life is just one huge game of grand theft auto?

i don't know what happened to you or what people have done before, and i know that you're probably not going to ever read this, but damn, did you make me feel bad. maybe that's all you wanted, i don't know. but having ended up on peoples' windshield as a bicyclist, i understand any anxiety you might have about stupid people in cars.

and i really am sorry. on several levels now especially.

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