Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 things you hate about me.

i'm tagged by one of my readers and i'll be a good sport and be "it" for once...

1. i have often been told that i look like "that mormon chick from the real world."
2. frozen peas are one of my favorite snacks.
3. i have an irrational phobia of people in animal costumes.
4. the only roller coaster i've ever ridden was the little dipper at memphis kiddie park.
5. dick goddard got mad at me one time.
6. i never played a single video game until my third year of college and then didn't see what the big deal was.
7. the only fast food i'll eat is taco bell.
8. when i was in high school (i was a freshman when columbine happened), one of my teachers labeled me as "one of those quiet kids who might snap"
9. my all-time favorite movie is the bbc miniseries of 'pride and prejudice' that is 5 hours long.
10. even though i've hit my mid-20s, i still find playground equipment, especially swings, to be loads of fun.

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