Monday, May 19, 2008

i love living in the (almost) city.

i've concluded that house-sitting is like babysitting for responsible and single 20-somethings. i spent last evening walking each of the dogs, making a food run to save-a-lot, and reading on the couch.

i'm still enamored with my new place of residence. my roommates, my downstairs neighbors with their wonderful kids and love of public enemy, being able to walk anywhere. being near the lake.

i know that not everything is rosy, considering that much of the police blotter involved people getting robbed at gunpoint, copper pipe theft, and then some 2 year old throwing toys of the balcony. but that stuff is everywhere, just in different ways.

looking forward to this week, with music to be made with friends (paul, jocelyn, alanna, others) tomorrow night, the bellrays on thursday, and continuing to just let life happen. it's a beautiful thing.

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Matt Ramone said...

It's odd how well I've taken to being domesticated.