Thursday, May 29, 2008

playlist #1

i wasn't expecting to, but i did my first show last night. got so nervous when i had to talk on the air even though no one's listening hardly. a few glitches and technical difficulties but i had a lot of fun.

here's the setlist, what i can remember.

vincent price - the leg of gold
the gits - cut my skin it makes me human
love battery - mr. soul
dengue fever - tip my canoe
madlib - slim's return
naked raygun - treason
throwing muses - limbo
dead meadow - at her open door
deerhoof - sirius star (request)
lyrics born - changed my mind (stereo mcs remix)
chargers street gang - every light on euclid
heatmiser - dead air
swervedriver - duel
john frusciante - ramparts/invisible movement
gutter twins - god's children/the stations
fugazi - break
the bellrays - some confusion city / black is the color
sebadoh - too pure
burning airlines - 3 sisters
the amps - she's a girl
afghan whigs - come see about me
madlib - movie theme, etc.


Randal Graves said...

What will you do now that the entire internets knows to listen?

thatgirl said...

actually bring some records with me next time. i might be raiding that pile of yours again.

CB said...

Lyrics Born and Heatmiser?

You are very cool. (Though I personally would've opted for Trapdoor by the latter.)

Randal Graves said...

Feel free. Honky Tonks and Oral Roberts are dying to be heard.

I'm actually going to try and remember to bring down a CD tomorrow that you might dig that I hope you might play a track off of.

thatgirl said...

considering there was quite a bit of 'dead air,' i found the selection relevant, though there are other ones by them i do like better...

randal, can't wait to hear what you've got for me. i also might get hooked up with that vincent record dubbed onto cd. i'll keep you posted on that.