Tuesday, May 6, 2008


this weekend...

first free comic book day experience with val midnight at kamm's corners. lapsing into hopeless laughter seeing the cast of star wars mingling with the people in line and digging through the comic book bins. drinking green tea from common grounds on the curb in the parking lot feeling like we were in some kevin smith movie.

actually ended up buying comics too: some hilarious cleveland indians one starring bartolo colon and cc sabathia circa 1999, grunge comics featuring the stone temple pilots circa 1995 (and lots of psychotic letters from kurt cobain fangirls wishing death on courtney), and an old issue of the jaguar because the cover made me laugh.

saturday me and megan went to dike 14 which was where they dumped all the dredge but over the last 20 years it's turned into 88 acres of wildlife preserve where there's all sorts of native plants and animals and they only open it up a few times a year to keep it that way. then we checked out the 2 dollar bookstore on e.71st and euclid and architecture all over the east side and got lunch at #1 pho. i'm so glad that there's still new stuff in cleveland i'm still discovering and other places i have yet to explore.

the kids downstairs came up to hang out and brought their cousin up to meet me. i have the best downstairs neighbors i could ask for, i really do. they ended up playing my guitars and basses (the whammy bar on the jag was a big hit) and lorielle was performing these songs that she was making up as she went along which i wish i had recorded because they were so funny and reminded me of the violent femmes or 90s twee but made by an eight-year-old girl who wants to be beyonce. songs about her mom and her big brother "i always wanted a handsome brother, but LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!" "i want to be ME! on MTV!!! i'll be a STAR! with my GUITAR!"

went with paul and rebecca to watch a friend of his play at the barking spider. the band following afterwards was some country rock kind of thing but while the guitarist seemed to think he was mike ness, the bass player seemed to think he was in a funk-metal band and kept doing this weird head nod thing along with that guitar face that looked so ludicrous we turned it into an inside joke on sunday morning.

somehow developed bronchitis or something because i lost my voice between saturday night and sunday morning and took a sick day for the first time this year. drank tea and sat on the porch reading and wondering why the rest of me feels so good except for that...

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Valerie said...

meet my friend, he's from russia.

do berserker.

"i want to make some fuck, berserker..."

(i have no clue why that's the only lyric i remember, heh)