Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i'm hopelessly addicted to people watching, which is why i enjoy where i work because i get the chance to do that every day on the way to work and on the job, though the zoo beats that any day.

there are some people you see that just jump out at you for whatever reason. you can't even say why, they just catch your attention and you find that you keep running into them all of the time. you start wondering what their story is, where they've come from, what makes them tick.

there's this guy i see in the rapid station sometimes who has his dreadlocks piled high and wrapped in a green cloth around his head, and i never see him without a pair of what looks like safety glasses or goggles up there too, makes me think of subterranean explorers or some lost wandering soul off of the p-funk mothership.

so he comes into my work the other day and we are communicating via notepad and gestures. i don't know if he's deaf or mute or just doesn't like to talk a whole lot. he's interested in eastern thought and meditation. he has no phone number listed, and the address is the address for the post office so i wonder... where does he live, what does he do, what's the story there? how do people get to be where they are?

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