Monday, May 2, 2011

so much wrong here.

As a chick and musician, I find the below Craigslist ad totally hilarious due to the misogyny and general rock star egotism especially endemic to the untalented. I'm going to assume here that being a "kick ass hot female" is probably more important than actually knowing how to play, but I could be wrong.

Also, I highly doubt from the band photos that said singer/guitarist looks like Dave Navarro. To just assume that all chicks are into you seems just a bit narcissistic. And "Grunge Lust" just sounds corny. I was really hoping they'd have a Myspace page or something, but no such luck. Still, it is slightly less demanding than the ad a few years back looking for Elton John and Tom Araya combined into one person.

Looking for Sean Yseult (Battery Park/Ohio City)

The name of our band is Gypsy Prince. If you know who Sean Yseult is, then you are on the same page as us. Our music is "Grunge Lust" and needs a kick ass hot female bassist. We're already booking shows, so hurry up. All though the drummer and myself are incredibly beautiful people, it is important to remember we are trying to get something done here, and we can't have you falling in love with us. We already have a sweet bass rig so all that you need is a sexy swagger and the chops to back it up.

I've got lust in my heart
My eyes set wide apart
I'm a Gypsy Prince
From far distances

Son of a far land
With the wind at my back
Into the west
Into the sunset
Pulled by invisible forces
You wake up
I'm gone with
Your wallet
Your jewelry
and your heart

* Location: Battery Park/Ohio City
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

As a side note Sean Yseult is doing graphic design and general awesome arty things now. Go her.


Randal Graves said...

When you say you're beautiful, shouldn't you, you know, be beautiful? Dude looks like a Parmastani bartender.

Here's an interview with her.

Well, off to turn Storm of the Yeti into a Stoner Lust band.

Anonymous said...

no manson beautiful people video for this post?

thatgirl said...

Although we are apostate Catholic members of the Order of St. Drago, I agree with you. Word verification: bulga, which fits with the whole Parmastani-ish-ness.

never been a big Manson fan. In part my inherent evangelicalism and also because his music never did it for me. He's from the general area, too, strangely enough. Something about this part of Ohio produces some serious weirdness (see also: Pere Ubu, The Cramps, Maynard Keenan, and Devo).

Randal Graves said...

We're much prettier than they are. Bulgar Madness!