Friday, May 13, 2011

nice limbo we have here

Writer's block and finals week, housesitting, sundry adventures, occasional frustration, incoherent thoughts, sharing dinners in Lakewood and conversation until the late hours, the requisite coffee and snark, waiting for the phone call to be there for my sister to welcome my nephew into the world, gardens, rain.


Randal Graves said...

These guys? Seriously? Awful, awful band.

If only comments had labels, I could label this one snark.

If broadside ballads and walking philosopher flying machines can't break the writer's block, well, don't make me resort to scowling in your general direction. Wait, that's not snark.

Anonymous said...
just sayin

thatgirl said...

oh can I withstand the withering gaze?

hopefully some prosery will commence, though tonight I got to hear blysseful sounds of viol and cello instead of drinking the Queene's Brew of Orange Pekoe in a coffee-house.

Consider me the Kevin Shields of writingness, though I don't have anything resembling 'Loveless' as an epic work.