Sunday, May 29, 2011


A whole mess of emotion, the strange feeling of solitude like a hangover from spending more time with people than I usually do, coming off the adrenaline of wanderings in the sun, perusing books and drinking coffee, allowing my voice to harmonize on the high notes instead of the low, being entertained by local comedy, having conversations with multiple people I enjoy intensely but rarely see, celebrating a friend's wedding, an interlude at the east side beach, driving home through hail and downpour, running on empty and stopping to pump gas, getting soaked in my semi-dressy clothes, walking the dog through the humid darkness past girls smoking cigarettes and the revelry of Sunday nights on three-day weekends, loving these nights even as the bluest of deep blues bring out the blues in me...


Randal Graves said...

Given the blue tone of the post, Word verification: worst. In blue. Heh.

You guys up north must have gotten the brunt; we had rain & wind, but no hail.

See, unlike some of us, you could pull off karaoke.

Anonymous said...

being a little raw is better than being jaded, but you know that already, hope the storms give you folks a break