Wednesday, May 11, 2011

best of the blotter: Winners International

THEFT, WEST BAGLEY ROAD: A 28-year-old resident tried to steal books from a local apartment complex. He passed out, however, before exiting the complex.

Police found the suspect on the library floor of Quarrytown apartments at 10 p.m. May 5. They found the library in disarray and books scattered around the suspect, who was very difficult to awaken.

When he finally awoke, the officer noted his speech was slurred. The officer was unable to understand him. The suspect finally rose from the floor after being told several times to do so.

The officer noted a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect, who swayed back and forth as he stood.

A witness said she told the suspect he could not take the books but he told her they were worth money and he was taking them to sell.

Police cited him with disorderly conduct, trespassing, criminal mischief, theft and drug possession, after finding some pills in his pocket.

PHONE CALLS (SUSPICIOUS), SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET: A resident reported May 4 that he had received a call May 4 from “Winners International,” informing him that he had won “cash and a white Mercedes Benz.” The man told the caller that he knew it was a scam and then contacted the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which told him to call his local police department.

OVIs, VARIOUS LOCATIONS: After two unsuccessful attempts to produce his registration at 12:30 a.m. on May 6, a Chester man, 50, handed over to officers a pack of “Wet-Naps” in lieu of the real thing. He was initially pulled over for making a left turn through a red light from Enterprise Parkway onto aurora Road, and registered a .125 BAC on the Breathalyzer.

An anonymous caller complained about 3:30 a.m. April 24 that someone on Lenox Drive was howling at the moon -- and had been for several hours.

Police had to force their way into a Brandywine Drive home April 24 after friends and neighbors said they could not make contact with the elderly resident and were worried. Officers found the man inside and fine, although he was perturbed about police opening his door.

He said he was not answering his phone or door because he didn't want to see or talk to anyone.


Randal Graves said...

Note to self: Wet-Naps not adequate substitute.

I can't recall anyone ever passing out when trying to steal our books, but more importantly, what apartment complex actually has a library floor? S-m-r-t-est renters around.

thatgirl said...

It's probably the Harlequin And Zane Grey Emporium of Literary Cheese.

Anonymous said...

vegan black metal chef anyone?