Wednesday, May 25, 2011

friday night in the kingdom of doom

I left a project half-finished at the art center as the clouds grew dark and menacing and the radio chirped about tornadoes. They told me I wouldn't make it back before the storm hit but I wanted to be home to watch the onslaught from the front porch, and I'd already done all the work I felt like doing.

It's been forever since I watched a storm come in, and I sat on the glider and watched sheets of rain glide up the street, the lightning crackle above the trees, and the deafening thunder.

My sister is in labor right now and I'll probably be up all night with them, not having to be at work until the afternoon. I'm a little nervous but thrilled for her, because I don't know what this will be like.

In the meantime, I'm starting to recaffeinate with some green tea at the favorite coffeeshop where maybe, just maybe I'll get a little bit of writing done. I've been having a hard time coming up with something when I do sit down to do so, though it's not for lack of trying. It's the beginnings that are hardest, once I start I'm good but if I can't get it started, it just doesn't happen.

The song below is playing and it's fitting, though this album was disappointing when it came out considering that the parts of it were greater than the sum. How one gets Paul Simonon's basslines, Fela's drummer, and Simon Tong's guitar into one room with one of the greatest and snarkiest British songwriters since the Kinks and it ends up just sounding like it's all DangerMouse is something I don't understand, but this one is pretty good for a night like this.

Friday night
In the kingdom of doom
Ravens fly
Across the moon
All in now
There's a noise in the sky
Following all the rules
And not asking why

When the sunset world begins
Turning into the night
I see everything in black and white
And then...

Drink all day
'Cause the country is at war
Soon you'll be falling off the palace walls
I can't be any more than I say
In the flood we all get washed away

When the sunset world begins
Turning into the night
I see everything in black and white

A love song for the collaboration
You and me will never be undone
We'll let it blow away


Randal Graves said...

Is the moon a doomy super? A hopeful toast to lunacy *chortle* free births.

Word verification: smashest, damn kids making up words.

Anonymous said...

hope all is well on the baby front, was dodging storms all across the midwest, not a fun drive, so i'm off to soak my old bones