Thursday, July 24, 2008

holy toledo

thanks to my most excellent place of employment, i have a most-expenses paid trip to toledo this weekend with several of my very awesome coworkers. here's hoping for a dose of divine intervention that the Sexy Saturn gets there and back in one piece.

i don't remember much about toledo except that the art museum and the zoo looked cool and that the rest of it kind of looked like youngstown if it was on a lake. that's probably not completely fair.

the last time i was there was my first year of school when i was an art student and we were going to see this van gogh exhibition. between that and the handmade books by the likes of matisse, i was in heaven.

we were driving from there to cleveland to volunteer at this church when shawn's car broke down in huron and sprint roadside assistance wouldn't pick up me or the other girl with him. we somehow got the car going and on one sparkplug we somehow made it to the outskirts of cuyahoga county where a guy i knew replaced the plugs and the car promptly began to stall out at every single red light we hit as we got continually lost and ended up jumping a freeway median to get back on the side of the road we were supposed to be on. what was supposed to take an hour and a half ended up taking seven.

here's hoping that doesn't happen this time around...


Randal Graves said...

When doing the Choose-A-College-O-Rama years ago, my folks and I visited the university out Toledo way and the person heading our tour group didn't follow the rules of 'how to sell your school' and said we shouldn't go off campus all that much because there are a lot of gangs.

Here's hoping the Sexy Saturn doesn't get riddled with bullets. Or bloody ears.

Anonymous said...

Great, gangs and breakdowns, I'm all set and excited to hang in Toledo! TG

thatgirl said...

i thought the csu tour guides were bad! despite my occasional happening to end up in dubious areas of Our Fair City at ungodly hours of the night, i'll be sure to keep the Sexy Saturn and myself out of trouble in foreign territory.