Wednesday, July 16, 2008


so last night it was beautiful and me and the roommates were feeling like doing something, so we drove downtown underneath the bridges where the amphitheater is and treated ourselves to a free half hour of robert plant, alison krauss, and t-bone burnett.

tickets for this event were too pricey for yours truly (who's still choking over that jacked-up gas bill we got this month) but by parking near the old machine shops and the power station and sitting on the ledge of an old bridge up there, we could hear everything just fine. it was us and this hippie couple who came prepared with food and citronella candles, and while the drums were somewhat muddy, everything else sounded good and the weather was perfect. we didn't have to deal with standing under a huge tarp with a whole lot of other people or any of the occasional lameness that comes from overenthusiastic and inebriated concertgoers in large groups.

chilled there for awhile and listened to the encore. didn't get any zeppelin but that's not too surprising. just hearing robert plant's voice for real though was surreal enough as it is, especially hearing that famous spinal tap line "Helloooo Cleveland!" at least three times in the half hour we were down there.

like the cleveland indians parking garage venture of last year, i've found another way to keep us inexpensively and immensely entertained.

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