Monday, July 14, 2008

what we do...


the artwalk ended up being really nice. jody and i went down there after we got off of work and we didn't check out everything, but walked around tremont taking in the sights and people-watching. asterisk had all this really good stuff that made me get all inspired to do new things and awed at the genius of others, looking at these beautiful charcoal drawings, stained-glass windows, paintings, and sculptures. also ran into my high school AP history teacher and his wife there, and it reminded me of what a great teacher and person he was.

the other exhibit that was very cool was the southside offensive show at doubting thomas, which was cleveland's finest graffiti writers covering entire walls and canvases of what looks like it could have once been a small apartment in a house. didn't get my shots off the camera but here's one courtesy of flickr's clevelandangel.

lindsey came up on saturday afternoon and we had a mini-roomie-reunion, got indian food and drove out to the east side listening to mixtapes, went to lakeview cemetery and walked around admiring the architecture of the family vaults and giggling at some of the names of people buried there (hubby! honey b. lee! DILLA!) which is kind of irreverent i guess, but i don't believe in ghosts anyway. but really, it is a beautiful place, and i feel like i need a whole day to explore it.

sunday, paul and jocelyn came over and i made us a lunch that was thrown together quickly (pasta, peppers, orange slices, tea), we met up for ice cream with her friend mousa, talked music. he plays piano and drums, got a crash course in middle eastern and indian music theory. we're all going to try and get together to play music sometime.

came back to the house, she got her viola out, we got out my guitars, called dave and he came over with his guitar and mandolin. jocelyn's viola sounded gorgeous, dave and paul are amazing at guitar, and i messed around dave's mandolin with the few chords i know (the only song i've taught myself is 'losing my religion'). played lots of irish reels and such for a few hours, crashed feeling all refreshed for the coming week.

jody said there were doves perched on our front porch listening to the music.

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