Tuesday, July 22, 2008

children of the grunge

the brake light is on in my car. i just got my brakes fixed, or so i thought. i'm supposed to be driving to toledo this weekend and have no clue when i'll find time to get these worked on. i feel like i'm in a bad position with all things car-related because i know next to nothing.

having access to the music library of a college radio station with a high-end cd burner is fantastic. i'm now in the possession of this out of print love battery album that i couldn't find anywhere.

and though i was all stressed out last night, spending the rest of the evening at edgewater with paul people-watching and sunset watching made up for a lot of that.

anyways, here's the morning setlist. somehow ended up being heavier on the fuzzed-out late 80's/early 90's sound this time.

digable planets - black ego
U2 - acrobat
echo and the bunnymen - rescue
squirrel bait - sun god
stone roses - begging you
jawbox - mirrorful
marvin gaye - inner city blues
ride - leave them all behind (live)
eleventh dream day - testify
meat puppets - things
eric b & rakim - paid in full (coldcut mix)
faithless - bluegrass
flunk - morning star
starflyer 59 - night music
funkadelic - i got a thing
the bellrays - everyday i think of you
love - a house is not a motel
herbie mann - cajun moon
wilson pickett - engine #9
neil young - i'm the ocean
twilight singers - underneath
screaming trees - gospel plow
the jam - that's entertainment

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Randal Graves said...

I always knew there was a Rock God® hiding in there somewhere.