Monday, July 14, 2008

dear RTA...

i've heard all about your funding problems, and how you need to hike up the fares, and that $23 million you spent on those stupid fare boxes that don't even work, and how the cost of gas is going up. the waterfront line still rolls on as empty as ever, and evidently you're spending a lot of your funds buffing some paint on the walls by your tracks because that's like totally important.

seriously, doesn't this send a more positive message about cleveland? this is free promotion that costs you and the cleveland visitors bureau absolutely nothing.

this is the thing i remember from when i was a kid riding downtown on the rapid with my dad to the cleveland public library or indians games. it's what i now enjoy about my morning ride into downtown. and now it's covered up with that ugly gray paint that looks nasty and doesn't even go with the wall itself.

thanks a lot.

some kid from cleveland who evidently doesn't have her priorities in the right place.


Frankie said...

Walking down my street, I see 'I decided I love you' painted under a bridge. It makes me smile and lifts my mood. Until it is inevitably painted over.

I'll enjoy it while I can.

thatgirl said...

i saw that too! i need to get a shot of it before it's gone. that lovely cursive lettering!

Randal Graves said...

Hey, it only takes five or twenty-three times to get the dollar bill into the box.