Thursday, July 17, 2008


i prefer the english spelling of the word for that color between black and white. but gray's the way my morning ride on the rapid looked with all the colors blotted from the walls, decades of swirls and letters covered over. i'm sure that some will see this as a challenge and paint over it once more, but i'm going to miss that blur of color that always makes my mornings brighter.

last night i was walking down to el tango taqueria to meet up with a former roommate and some friends, when i get "hey white girl!" yelled in my direction by some guy running across the street to get pizza and wings. i look over as i'm on the phone and it's this one of those pudgy white guys who thinks he's all street with his ice and his gold chains and his jeep.

sorry man, it doesn't work so good coming from you.


Randal Graves said...

But even 'grey' seems to carry a richer connotation of such sentiment than does 'gray.'

Thanks for that story. Now I'm going to have Ice Ice Baby in my head.

Word to your mother.

Anonymous said...

which ever mood i'm in is the grey i use. well, i guess i'm in an e mood.
-the other tg ;)