Tuesday, August 19, 2008

need to wake up...

Kinda glad I didn't end up watching the browns last night. My dad and I are going to the Indians game tonight, and hopefully we have better luck.

The show didn't go quite as smoothly as I would've liked but turned out all right overall.

here's today's playlist.

the saturday knights - 45
dr. israel - armagideon time
morcheeba - blindfold
amadou & mariam - coulibaly
senegal fast food
cecelia barraza - canterurias
lauryn hill - zion
sidestepper - hoy tenemos
daby balde - waino blues
tribe called quest - can i kick it?
the lemonheads - bit part
rodrigo y gabriela - tamacun
pharaoh's daughter - enpesare
ceu - concrete jungle
damian marley - for the babies
trevor dandy - is there any love in this world?
angelique kidjo - salala
the cure - a night like this
garland of hours - katie cruel
elvis costello - what's so funny about peace love and understanding
the posies - grant hart
the bellrays - making up for lost time
the bicycle thief - max, jill called
david usher - st lawrence river
mark lanegan - resurrection song
throwing muses - teller
jane's addiction - classic girl

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Randal Graves said...

You didn't miss anything, believe me.