Thursday, August 7, 2008

adventures in pet-sitting

Evidently house-sitting is the national past-time for trustworthy and non-partying single people. Right now, I've got a weeklong gig in ohio city watching two dogs and four cats which has turned out to be much easier in practice than in theory. I don't even have to walk the dogs but I do because I'm at work all day and the hyper one is in a "crate" (the nice way that dog people say "cage") and I know I'd hate to be cooped up like that for 8 hours straight.

It's like going on vacation with pets and getting paid to do it, and I like these interludes because I can be relaxed and solitary. sleep on the couch, take random walks through the neighborhood, chill on the porch, write and turn the stereo up...

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okjimm said...

Boy, nice work, iffen you can get it. Hope you don't get paid in Alpo and catnip.