Monday, August 4, 2008


hanging out with yeliz, rosa, and other good people. thai food and lakewood park. lake erie was so beautiful and blue and we were all sitting on the rocks.

i seem to be ending up in coventry a lot more recently this time on friday night for a skateboard art show where erika was doing her dj thing. ran into a lot of people i knew, met new people who were awesome. john came up there around 11 and me him and paul went to my friends at 2:30 in the morning for food and continued good conversation. got home at 5am thankful that i had another day of weekend still to burn.

found some good stuff at the lakewood library booksale, hung out over at paul's, playing guitars and listening to music, talking on the phone on the front porch while danny is singing puccini opera numbers upstairs, green tea with ginseng, random good conversation, laying down good beats and gorgeous grooves for brian to freestyle over. creating yet another elaborate inside joke, this time involving "space midgets."

felt so relaxed and chilled out, just so good to be laughing and being creative and using each of these beautiful august nights for something beautiful and worthwhile.

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