Saturday, August 16, 2008

in the city there's a thousand things i wanna say to you...

The party ended up being really nice. Not anything too crazy, but her friends came, and her boyfriend and his bandmates were bashing out Green Day songs in the sanctuary, which evolved by the end of the night into some kind of live karaoke where everyone was getting up on stage freestyling and belting out "My Girl," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Billie Jean," mostly off-key but completely hilarious. After everyone left, the kids were banging on the drums and rapping in Spanish while their older cousin rollerblades down the center aisle.

My kids, who prefer Lil Wayne and Tupac, and told me that the Roots are some "wack music made by white dudes" are rapping in Spanish and singing "Mississippi Queen." I'm wondering where they got their liking of one-hit 70's southern rock, but I guess the song is on Rock Band and it's their favorite song up there with Souljah Boy.

Go figure.

The rest of this weekend was spent hanging outside with good people, walking through the lower west side, checking out some street festival, watching the Indians lose with my dad, watching a sad bollywood movie with my roommate, wading into the lake at Edgewater with some of the kids, and just enjoying the breezes and the sun and the lady playing Spanish guitar and the kites that were flying. And, to end my weekend, drinking root beer and generic mountain dew floats with the usual suspects and watching 80's martial arts action movies.

I can't get over how fast this summer has gone, and how ridiculously good it's been.

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