Saturday, July 9, 2011

the great road trip of 2011

rust belt adventures so far:

traffic jams on I-90
excursions through Erie
driving down state routes through Chautaqua admiring vineyards and the blue of the mountains
a walk along the Niagara River as the sun set and birds swirled around us
driving through a new city at night
picking yellow and red daisies in the darkness and hanging out among the massive abandoned grain elevators and rusty bridges that made me feel so at home.
wandering through downtown through halls and cathedrals and cemeteries
a picnic of pasta salad, figs, cinnamoned almonds, grapes and peaches, sharing a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag while watching Shakespeare under stars.

This is the first city I feel like I could actually live in if I ever had to vacate Cleveland. Pictures and more lush details to come.

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Randal Graves said...

I just wanna buy some smokes!

Can't believe there's no Cookie Gilchrist statue up there.

Word verification: comagi, didn't work for the Romans, won't for the Chaldeans.